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Who We Are

Wampler Law Firm is a “virtual” law firm. We’ve abandoned traditional offices and embraced simplicity and technology while avoiding unnecessary overhead. Wampler Law Firm is built to provide smart, lightweight, flexible, and client-focused legal services.


Our core principle is to provide clients with what is referred to as “client-centered representation.” Representation is “client-centered” when it furthers the client’s goals, addresses the client’s legal and non-legal needs, and actively involves the client in the decision-making process.

Think of client-centered representation as a way of describing the working relationship between the attorney and the client. In this relationship, the attorney and client work together as a team or partners to achieve the client’s goals and fulfill the client’s specific needs. Every aspect of how the Wampler Law Firm operates has been carefully designed and tailored to follow this client-centered approach.

Meet the Team

Wampler Law Firm is a sophisticated law office in a small shop, addressing everything from legal crises to our clients’ day-to-day needs. We take a customer focused, holistic, and pragmatic approach to providing legal counsel.

We Are Driven By A Passion To Serve Others.

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Jay R. Wampler


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Ryan P. Woodward


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Jessica Wampler

Office Manager