Adoption & Family

Wampler Law Firm’s adoption practice is unique – our founder, Jay Wampler, is adopted. Thus, Wampler Law Firm is passionate in its focus on domestic and international adoptions, along with a focus on child custody.

Adoption is one of the most complex, emotional, and highly scrutinized areas of law. The right of parents to control the destiny of their children is cherished and protected – it is neither easily broken nor easily attached.

Whether you are an expectant parent or an adoptive parent, Wampler Law Firm can help you navigate this complex and emotional landscape

Private Adoption, Birth-Mother Adoption, Kinship Adoption, Foster Care Adoption, Stepparent/Grandparent Adoption, and International Adoption (both Hague Country Adoptions & Non-Hague Country Adoptions)
Child Custody
Whether as part of a divorce/separation, or involving parents that are not married, kids are the most important aspect of any case we handle. Joint custody, "full custody", primary residence, every other weekend. Let us help with which of these labels actually exist, and which matter the most for your situation.
Name Changes
We are experienced in assisting families with name changes for children and adults.