Business, Commercial, & Intellectual Property

Wampler Law Firm is a new kind of law firm. We are driven to be the best business law firm in Ohio by providing outside, “in-house” counsel services to businesses at a reasonable, reliably fixed rate in order to allow the client to better use and access our services. We work directly with the owners of companies and their senior staff, meeting regularly and getting to know your business from top to bottom to become part of your team.

Business Formation
At Wampler Law Firm, we advise a wide variety of clients in many different industries regarding all aspects of the life cycle of a business, including the choice of entity best suited for their business goals. We have experience with all forms of business organizations, including sole proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, corporations, and single and multi-member limited liability companies. We also advise clients on the formation of subsidiaries, spin-offs, and other reorganizations.
In-House Counsel Services
We can provide your business with in-house counsel services for a monthly fee. Meetings, phone conversations, legal research, letter writing, employment matters, and general business legal work similar to what an in-house counsel lawyer would do for your business are included in a flat, monthly fee, allowing for yearly budgeting and planning. Preventative measures can be considered, catastrophes averted, and planning implemented.
General Business & Corporate Matters
Whether you are incorporating a business, reviewing a contract, or facing a large or small scale employee issue, Wampler Law Firm is here for all of your business needs. We are dedicated to helping avoid or work through legal matters you may be facing. Through our innovative pricing models, we seek to ensure that your company is provided with exceptional legal services without having to suffer through the uncertainty of legal fees.
Contract Review & Litigation
At Wampler Law Firm we have valuable experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a variety of different contracts. Our contract capabilities are extensive, and span multiple areas of law. We seek to protect you and the interests of your organization no matter the scale or scope of the contract that you require.
Business Litigation
In those circumstances when other options are not available or do not succeed, we can represent you in business-related litigation.
Business & Succession Planning
At Wampler Law Firm, we understand the need to plan for the future. Your business and family are both important aspects of your</p> <p>life, and ensuring that they are both properly cared for is paramount. For that reason,<br /> we are here to ensure that legal issues of passing on ownership or assets are covered.
Employment Law
Employee-related legal questions are often some of the most frequently asked matters that companies face. Wampler Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring the protection of your organization by helping you create or review your employee handbook to ensure protection from potential lawsuits. In conjunction with our compliance capabilities, we can construct effective training policies and procedures for employees. We want to ensure that you have properly covered any potential issues that arise during the processes of firing and hiring, compensation structure, and hour issues.
Nonprofit Law
Wampler Law Firm is passionate about supporting, advocating for and partnering with non-profits and the people behind them. We take the time to understand the specific legal and business needs of each client and realize that non-profit leaders do not always have the time to focus on the many legal regulations affecting their organizations. Therefore, we seek to assist our clients through the confusing maze of state and federal laws that control everything they do, so that they maintain their focus on the passion for their mission.
Real Estate & Construction Litigation
At Wampler Law Firm we advise developers, owners, architects, engineers, builders, subs, trades, and suppliers in complex and contested construction matters to contract review and negotiation to litigation and arbitration. We also assist in disputes that result in slow pays, non-pays, non-conforming work, lien filings or bond claims, or when such matters escalate to litigation or arbitration.
Intellectual Property, Trademark & Copyright
Wampler Law Firm focuses on trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets for client portfolios, including search, registration, enforcement, anti-counterfeiting, litigation, and a range of transactional work involving intellectual property rights. We are knowledgeable in a multitude of intellectual property arenas and we are very familiar with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.