Jay and I have worked together on a few miscellaneous legal issues. And on each occasion, Jay thoroughly vetted every possible aspect of said legal issues. He made sure all bases were covered, so to speak. And his ability to quickly — and correctly — assimilate his sharp mind to new legal — and more obscure — legal issues was beyond reproach. If I was not an attorney, I would hire Jay without thinking twice. And I will most certainly recommend his services to friends and family members on legal issues that are beyond my expertise as I am confident Jay will quickly make himself an expert in the said subject in no time. In short, I cannot speak highly enough of Jay’s competency, candor, and personality as a lawyer. He truly is an asset to the legal profession, and we are all better off knowing Jay is an attorney we could call on. Further and most importantly, Jay truly cares about his clients’ well-being and will fight for said clients’ interests until he obtains the best result.

Eric Gile
Levy Law Office